Hike or bike S:t Olavsleden

Find your Pilgrim experience together with Aktivut Travels. We help you customize your journey.

This is Aktivut Travels

Aktivut has more than 20 years’ experience of guiding people in the outdoors and along S:t Olavsleden since 2013. Over the years, our business has grown and we now have a broad staff of outdoor guides, mountain guides, officials and subject specialists.

Aktivut Travels is located on the island Frösön, Östersund, just next to S:t Olavsleden. Our packages and guided tours along the pilgrim route are based on the idea that you get to enjoy the areas where we love to spend our free time. Contemplation and presence in nature is a fantastic experience.

To spend time with our guests in the nature is our living and we love it, so for us it is natural to work in a sustainable way with local suppliers and guides. Food from the area and inspiration to act in an environmentally friendly way.

About St.Olavsleden


Our Team

Founder Sofie Jugård Löfgren founded the company 1999 and is still active as a guide and producer of tailor made trips, her knowldge about package and guide pilgimages, hiking and cycling trips in Europe are worth gold.

The team are highly educated guides with a lot of experience and knowledge from the area and the S:t Olavsleden.  We only work with local guides for genuine, responsible and sustainable tourism with respect for nature and culture.

Sofie Jugård Aktivut


"Hi Sofie, I just had to take a minute to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip.  It was an amazing adventure, everything and more that I dared hope for and every bit as hard that I worried about.  We can't stop talking about it.  There are so many special places and people from each day.  I have a hard time expressing my feelings about it.  I guess that may be the pilgrimage part, or the beauty of your people and countryside.  I just loved it all.  Thank you for this trip!"

Julie, US

"Hey, we are all back in London and Madrid, safe and happy. Everything was amazing! Thank you on behalf of all of us! Please let us know if you want reviews  or recommendations for your webiste etc. Talk to you soon!"

Horacio, Argentina

"Die Wanderung war gut bis großartig: die Landschaft, die Stille, die Menschen, die Unterkünfte, der Dom etc. Alles war gut organisiert"

Anton, Germany

"Jeg har hatt en helt fantastisk slitetur på Olavsleden fra Stiklestad til Trondheim. Noen steder var det dårlig merking og på noen etapper mangel på noe å sette seg på for å spise nisten. Jeg kom fram til Trondheim med en god mestringsfølelse, og ville ikke hvert turen foruten."

Karin, Norway

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