Is bed linen and towel included?

Answer: Yes linen and towel is included where you stay. We also recommend you to bring a small towel if you want to jump into any of the lakes you pass.


Mosquitoes, how bad are they?

Answer: You will for sure meet some mosquitoes, mainly in the more forested areas and during evenings. As long as you walk or move they are not so bad. There are more mosquitoes during July and August than in June and September. There are also good nature- and human friendly insect repellant to purchase in outdoor stores and pharmacies.


Nidaros, what is that?

Nidaros is the old name for the place where the town Trondheim is situated. The dome where St Olavs relics are placed is called the Nidaros dome.


The train, can we use it?

Answer: Yes, you can use the train. The railroad goes parallell to the St Olavsleden more or less from Sundsvall to Duved and then again from Vaernes to Trondheim. Rembember to check where to get off so you do not go to far, it is quite far off during some parts. Also be aware that you need to hike minimum 100 km to be able to pick up your pilgrim diploma in the "Pilegrimsgården" in Nidaros. You purchase the tickets on the train or in the application "SJ" on your cell phone.


What happens if I can’t walk far enough?

Answer: The help is never far away but you might have to wait for a while. Either you call the accommodation where you are going, they can most of the time help out with a pick up. Otherwise you can call a taxi, take the train or a local bus. If you need information about this or help you just call us.

Taxi Sundvall +46 (0)60 199000

Taxi Östersund +46(0)63 199000

Taxi Åre  +46 (0)647 50555

Taxi Verdal +47 74 07 82 00

Taxi Stjørdal +47 074 83

Taxi Trondheim +47 073 73