If you like to ride the bike, this is the experience for you. Imagine a bike route along gravel roads and trails through a green lush landscape with short take offs here and there to discover something new or to take a swim or a cup of coffee in a local café.

To bike S:t Olavsleden is not a technical challenge if you are a bit used to ride the bike. The trail has a special route for bikers that is customized. Most of the route is the same for hikers and bikers, it is only the most tricky trails that have an alternative route for bikers.

To experience the cultural landscape from the east coast of Sweden, by the Baltic sea all the way to the west coast of Norway, by the Atlantic ocean is an fantastic experience, a true pilgrim experience.

It is a landscape covered with pine and fir forests with winding rivers. The mountains covering the border between Norway and Sweden are a vast and sparingly populated area with beautiful scenery. Inbeween there are fields, meadows and small communities and villages where you can stop for a Swedish fika or some purchases. The Norwegian landscape with farms and livestock is even more dramatic with beautiful view over land and sea.

We recommend any kind of cross country bike, a hardtail or cyclocross with rough tires for gravel road. A cross country e-bike is also a good choice and helps you to keep the speed up. We have a good cooperation with bike rental stores and can supply you with rental bikes.

A good backpack approximately 30 - 40 liters, big enough to fit the lunch, rain clothes, first aid and the maps is necessary if you do not have bike bags to use.

Your legs will be tired and your mind filled with joy. You will meet a lot of locals along the trail and also a lot of local food and habits. We definitely recommend you to visit Pilgrim spring in Borgsjö  for fresh cold spring water and do not forget to stop a few minutes extra by Frösö churh and enjoy the view over Storsjön and the mountains before you speed down the hill.

We are locals, we live in the area and all our guides and staff are hiking, biking, running, kayaking and skiing in our every day life along different parts of the S:t Olavsleden.

Join us!


"Hi Sofie, I just had to take a minute to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip.  It was an amazing adventure, everything and more that I dared hope for and every bit as hard that I worried about.  We can't stop talking about it.  There are so many special places and people from each day.  I have a hard time expressing my feelings about it.  I guess that may be the pilgrimage part, or the beauty of your people and countryside.  I just loved it all.  Thank you for this trip!"

Julie, US

"Hey, we are all back in London and Madrid, safe and happy. Everything was amazing! Thank you on behalf of all of us! Please let us know if you want reviews  or recommendations for your webiste etc. Talk to you soon!"

Horacio, Argentina

"Biking St. Olavsleden was an absolutely amazing experience. Gravel bikers heaven! I enjoyed beautiful nature and met very friendly, helpful people. Lovely accomodation and quality bike rental were perfectly organized by Sofie from Aktivut Travel."

Karin, Schweiz