How does Aktivut work with sustainability?

Read our eco tourism policy here

To us sustainability in every way is very important and  we do our best in our own business to act in a responsible way. We also try to encourage and educate our cooperation partners to act in a sustainable way.

How do I do to contribute to a local environmental project?

As a guest you can contact us fo suggestions. There are several project that can be supported, such as save the Arctic fox or Naturskyddsföreningen.

How do I get to the start?

It depends on where you aim to start, but here are some options which are possible to reach with public transportation and where our travel packages often start. We encourage you to travel by train in Sweden, all trains are electrified and with that it is the most sustainable way to travel.

Sundsvall: Start from the railway station, it can be a bit tricky to find the first sign, it is placed here (link).

Selånger: Take the train to Sundsvall and walk 10 minutes to the bus station. Take bus nr 1 to station "Selånger kyrka".

Östersund: Start from the railway station, walk  appr. 300 mtrs east and then cross the railway tracks. Walk to the lakeside to find the St. Olavsleden. Also possible to fly in and start the hike from the airport. Walk out to the main road, take left ( nw) and walk appr. 700 mtrs until you hit the trail.

Undersåker: Start from the railway station. The trail goes just outside. Possible to fly into Östersund and take a 1,5 shuttle bus or taxi to Undersåker too (direction Åre).

Åre: Start from the railway station. The trail goes just outside. Possible to fly to Östersund and take a 1,5 hr shuttle bus or taxi to Åre too. Another possibility is to fly to Trondheim airport and take the train to Åre.

Stiklestad: Take the train to Verdal railway station. From there order a taxi or walk 4,5 km to Stiklestad cultural centre (the same way that you will start walking along the trail but the other way). Possible to fly to Trondheim airport and go by train from there to Verdal.

When I am done, how to I travel out?

Easiest is to take the train from Trondheim railway station or take the train to Trondheim airport and fly out from there.

Where do I purchase train tickets?

In Sweden you purchase them easisest at www.sj.se

In Norway you purchase them easiest at www.vy.no

In Norway there is also a travel planner as an app or web, www.entur.no

Where can I find maps to prepare?

Here is the official site for St. Olavsleden, they have a interactive map where you can sort in different ways.

How is the standard of the accommodations?

Along the St Olavsleden there are a lot of private pilgrim hostels, b&b and a few larger guesthouses and hotels. We try to ajust the program so that every day contains a reasonable distance and end up in a good accommodation. You will stay in private huts, b&b and a few larger guesthouses or hotels. There are always beds with bed linen if nothing else is explained. It is mainly double rooms, sometimes with your own bathroom. In a few accommodations there are dormitories with 4-10 beds and no options for smaller rooms.

Is bed linen and towel included?

Yes linen and towel is included where you stay. We also recommend you to bring a small towel if you want to jump into any of the lakes you pass.

Do I have to carry a heavy backpack during my hike/bike trip along St. Olavsleden?

If you purchase a group travel arrangement by us at Aktivut travels, there is a possibility to add luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation. It is not included in the packages by default this due to the fact that we want to be more eco-firendly. If luggage transport is added it will mean that you only have to carry what you need for the day.

What should I bring in my day pack?

When we are out along the trail we bring rain jacket and trousers, packed lunch, water bottle/thermos bottle, a small first aid kit, repair kit for the tires, sun screen, gloves, cap or hat, camera, map, seat pad, cell phone. Sometimes we bring swimwear and a small towel.

Mosquitoes, how bad are they?

You will for sure meet some mosquitoes, mainly in the more forested areas and during evenings. As long as you walk or move they stay away mostly. There are more mosquitoes during July and August than in June and September. There are also good nature- and human friendly insect repellant to purchase in outdoor stores and pharmacies.

Nidaros, what is that?

Nidaros is the old name for the place where the town Trondheim is situated. The dome where St Olavs relics are placed is called the Nidaros dome.

Pilgrim passport- what is it and how does it work?

The pilgrim passport is included in all Aktivut travels packages or can be purchased in several spots along the way. You have it to collect stamps along the way and to keep a record of your journey. Nowadays, the passport and stamps are more of a symbol of the journey and a fun souvenir – with the stamps in the passport you can also prove that you have hiked at least the last 100 kilometers to Nidaros or biked at least 200 kilometers. That’s how you gain your diploma, Olav’s letter, which you collect at Pilegrimsgården right next to Nidaros.

The train, can we use it?

Yes, you can use the train. The railroad goes parallell to the St. Olavsleden more or less from Sundsvall to Duved and then again from Vaernes to Trondheim. Rembember to check where to get off so you do not go to far, it is quite far off during some parts. Also be aware that you need to hike minimum 100 km to be able to pick up your pilgrim diploma in the "Pilegrimsgården" in Nidaros. You purchase the tickets on the train or in the application "SJ" on your cell phone.

Be aware that the train in Sweden can only host 4 bikies at the same time.

What happens if I can’t walk far enough?

The help is never far away but you might have to wait for a while. Either you call the accommodation where you are going, they can most of the time help out with a pick up. Otherwise you can call a taxi, take the train or a local bus. If you need information about this or help you just call us or look above for trains.

Taxi Sundvall +46 (0)60 199000

Taxi Östersund +46(0)63 199000

Taxi Åre  +46 (0)647 50555

Taxi Verdal +47 74 07 82 00

Taxi Stjørdal +47 074 83

Taxi Trondheim +47 073 73

I am a single female, is it safe for me to hike/bike alone?

We can of course not guarantee anything, but we say yes. Sweden is over all and in particular a safe country to travel in for singles and there are plenty of female single hikers and bikers along St. Olavsleden.

How does it work with bike rental along St. Olavsleden?

If you purchase a travel arrangement from Aktivut travels and need to rent a bike, we will help you to arrange everything with the bikes. Transport/pick up at the start and return transport. So far it is a bit tricky with the return transport so we solve it from time to time. But work on a solid long term solution.

If you want to rent a bike on your own, contact any of theese bike stores in Sundsvall, Östersund, Undersåker, Åre or Trondheim.

What kind of bike should I use to bike St. Olavsleden?

Since there are a lot of gravel roads, some trails and some asphalt the most versatile bike is a mtb/hardtail, a hybrid or a possibly a gravelbike. Avoid too heavy and coarse tires and aim for something that rolls a bit better. Suspention in the front is also nice to have. We also arrange electrical bikes for rent.