Our eco-tourism policy

Aktivut work consciously to be sustainable on all levels and give our participants memorable nature experiences.
Aktivut is a proud holder of the ecotourism label Nature's best. A quality label that makes sustainable
experiences in Swedish nature visible to conscious travellers.

Finances: Ethical and sustainable decisions and actions can only be made if business and finances are good. Therefore,
we work primarily with long-term collaborations with suppliers, partners, staff and employees. Sustainability is kept in
mind in all decisions and in the choice of partners and suppliers.

Society and nature: We are a responsible actor in society, enriching and inspiring each other and others to act wiser for
a sustainable future. We must be environmentally friendly and climate-smart to preserve nature and culture in the long
term. We must always work according to current rules and laws and promote equality.

Well-being: We look for "the little extra" in our staff and our employees, in return they get a fair and responsible
employer. Our experiences take place with high safety and risks have been analyzed to minimize accidents.

Purchasing: Should always be done with sustainability in focus, reuse of materials and products should always be the
first choice. Ecological, local, environmentally and climate-friendly technology and materials are first choices
whenever possible. All harmful substances such as disinfectants, solvents, chemicals and pesticides must be
minimized. We avoid disposable items.

We evaluate our business on an ongoing basis and take new ideas, reviews and evaluations into consideration when
developing it for future needs.